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Honda Repair Services

Below are some of the typical scheduled services for Honda/Acura automobiles. We only use Honda oil filters and factory approved fluids for all of these services, quality parts are essential for the long term reliability of your automobile.

For those unscheduled repairs that occasionally pop up we stay up to date with factory diagnostic tools and information. This allows us to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately. By investing in tools, information, and training, we do not have to say “You’ll have to go to the dealer for that.”

We believe that by doing proper preventive maintenance and routine inspections we can prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns. 

Nathan Bryant Owner / Mechanic

How to Read Honda Service Codes:

So what does it mean when your dashboard says “Service A123 or B4”?  Honda’s new maintenance minder system keeps track of needed services based on driving conditions, not just number of miles or number of months.  The first letter refers to a basic service or a more in-depth service. 

This section is currently under maintenance. Please check back at a later time. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience


Modern cars make it very easy to extract the trouble code when your check engine light comes on; various auto parts stores will retrieve the code for free and give you a list of things that can cause it to be on.  Vehicle manufactures such as GM with On-Star and third parties such as Verizon with Hum have the ability to retrieve the codes remotely and send you an email letting you know what they are.  However, that is only the first step of the diagnosis.  All of the sensors and systems on a vehicle must work together in order for the vehicle to run properly, and being able to diagnose what is causing the problem requires special tools and training.  For example a code P0171 could be an oxygen sensor, low fuel pressure, or vacuum hose that was unplugged when an air filter was changed, among other things.  Properly diagnosing the root cause of why that check engine light is on allows us to repair your car properly in a timely manner.  This minimizes downtime and eliminates potentially costly mistakes.

Autovisions Honda Civic Loaner CarLoaner Car Available

We understand that being without your car is inconvenient, that’s why we now have a loaner car available.

We have experience working with aftermarket vehicle warranties such as Carmax’s MaxCare program. Just advise us of the warranty when making an appointment or dropping off.