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We understand that transportation is essential. We recommend keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance to prevent unexpected problems. We're here to be your reliable mechanic that keeps your car running smoothly with routine maintenance.

Oil Changes, Alignments, Tires, Brakes, Shocks & StrutsDigital Vehicle Inspections, and more

If the unexpected happens, we're here to help!

Maintenance & Repair Services

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Auto Repair Mechanic with Maintenance for Asian and Domestic Vehicles.

We began as a Honda/Acura specialist in 1986.  Since then we have expanded our capabilities to service and repair both Asian and Domestic vehicles including hybrids.

Autovisions Auto Mechanic Philosophy

At Autovisions we believe that auto repair and maintenance do not have to be frustrating. Two major sources of frustration in life are facing the unknown and dealing with unexpected expenses.

To help with the first one, we strive to be transparent in all transactions; you will always know what we are going to do, and why it’s important. We want our customers to be informed and to never have to wonder if they received good value from us. While there is nothing we can do to eliminate the fact that auto repair and maintenance take time and cost money, by being diligent in our inspections and preventive maintenance programs, we can nearly eliminate the crisis situations when a vehicle breaks down unexpectedly.

It’s always easier to budget time and money for a situation that you know about, rather than for an event that sneaks up on you. Talk to us about planning and prioritizing next time you are in the shop.

Our Promise to You

We believe that by doing proper preventive maintenance and routine inspections we can prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns. 

Nathan Bryant Owner / Mechanic

Autovisions Honda Civic Loaner CarLoaner Car Available

We understand that being without your car is inconvenient, that’s why we now have a loaner car available.

We have experience working with aftermarket vehicle warranties such as Carmax’s MaxCare program. Just advise us of the warranty when making an appointment or dropping off.