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Lift Kits for your Truck

Raise your Toyota with a LIft Kit

Want to raise the front of your Toyota a couple of inches to level out the stock “nose down” appearance?  We can do that!  Have our expert techs install a levelling kit, no need to change the whole suspension.  Maybe you need a little extra ground clearance to get to your favorite trout stream or just want a little more room for some bigger tires and wheels, call today and let our Toyota suspension experts get the right kit for you.

Autovisions offers kits from leading manufacturers including Old Man Emu, Pro Comp, Icon Vehicle Dynamics and Toytec Lifts.  Toytec only designs and builds kits for one type of vehicle, Toyotas.  Toyteclifts is a local company here in Denver, CO and know the local terrain your Toyota will encounter.  Their kits are designed with that in mind.

Whatever your Toyota needs are, we can help.  Just give us a call at (303) 761-5100 or email us at nathan.autovisions@outlook.com

We believe that by doing proper preventive maintenance and routine inspections we can prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns. 

Nathan Bryant Owner / Mechanic

Autovisions Honda Civic Loaner CarLoaner Car Available

We understand that being without your car is inconvenient, that’s why we now have a loaner car available.

We have experience working with aftermarket vehicle warranties such as Carmax’s MaxCare program. Just advise us of the warranty when making an appointment or dropping off.