Road Hazard Tire Warranty

We will repair or replace your tire free of charge*

Flat Tire WarrantyThere are very few things more frustrating for a vehicle owner than a flat tire.  Nobody wants to deal with complicated warranty formulas to figure out how much the pro-rated value of the tire is, was it used properly, or jump through any hoops.  You just want to get your tire fixed or replaced and move on with your day. 

Because of this, Autovisions is proud to announce our “No Hassle Road Hazard Warranty” 

What does this mean? 

In simple terms, if any damage occurs to your tire in the first three years prior to reaching 4/32 inch of tread depth we will either repair or replace your tire at no cost to you.

* Who is eligible for this warranty on tires?

This warranty is eligible for any non-commercial, highway vehicle.  In other words, no off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, or race cars.

* How does the tire replacement work?

Simple.  When you purchase tires from us, we will offer you the opportunity to purchase the Road Hazard Warranty for your tires.  Then, if you have a damaged tire that will not hold air, give us a call.  If the tire is less than three years old and has more than 4/32” of tread depth we will, at our discretion, repair it or replace it free of charge. 

What if I can’t get back to Autovisions?

Give us a call.  We will reimburse you up to the original cost of the tire for any repair or replacement. 

* What’s the fine print?

Some exclusions apply.  This warranty does not cover damage due to any of the following: Collision, Vandalism, Willful Abuse, Mechanical defects of the vehicle, or Chain Damage. 

We believe that by doing proper preventive maintenance and routine inspections we can prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns. 

Nathan Bryant Owner / Mechanic

Autovisions Honda Civic Loaner CarLoaner Car Available

We understand that being without your car is inconvenient, that’s why we now have a loaner car available.

We have experience working with aftermarket vehicle warranties such as Carmax’s MaxCare program. Just advise us of the warranty when making an appointment or dropping off.